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Cheap Thrills is a New York City based site that aims to reflect the amazing amount of diversity that exists in the Big Apple and to create a relaxed atmosphere that will allow everyone to comfortably develop their characters and RP. We strive to create a community where members and guests alike feel welcome to plot with one another and get to know each other, so please don't hesitate to look around and pop into the cbox to say hi!
autumn, 2017 + credits

november 1st + an activity check is going on through nov 8th so make sure to participate and save your characters!

october 14th + halloween is just around the corner and to celebrate we have some fun events going on that you should most definitely check out!

september 5th + hello thrillseekers! the fourth pop up challenge has begun and info on it can be found here! it runs the 5th through the 20th so make sure to check it out!

august 3rd + first all we'd like to welcome ness to the staff team! she'll be an amazing addition. secondly our first pop-up event has been set up and can be found here! it runs the 3rd through the 7th. good luck! and thank you for keeping thrills amazing!

july 30th + thrills is officially a year old! thank you to everyone who helped get us this far and keep a look out for some little surprises we have planned for you to celebrate!

july 12th + hello, i hope everyone is enjoying their summers so far! please be sure to check out the new announcement, and don't hesitate to join in on the latest event!

june 12th + hi everyone! imgbox is closing down, so please make sure you rehost your pictures. the announcement has more indepth details to make it a little easier for you! also, if you're interested, please feel free to suggest an event!

april 23rd + an activity check is currently going on so remember to post in it to save your characters! there is also a new event happening now as well for everyone to enjoy!

march 5th + we've added new announcement rules! please make sure to read them <3 they're located in the request section of the site.

february 15th + the event is still under way! please feel free to join at any time!! also, the activity check is finally over! if you need to reactivate your character or report a mistake, please refer to announcement 8!

january 31st + happy six month anniversary everyone! <3 as you can see, we've finally got the new skin up! if you see anything odd going on, please feel free post in the skin bug thread and we'll try to fix it asap! c:

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due to decline in activity and other things, thrills has closed its doors to new members. members may continue to rp / make threads / etc as they so choose and the newest announcement should give you more details!

it's been a great run everyone!

if you were a previous member and don't have an account, please contact us via our tumblr (thrills-rp) and we'll help you get your things!
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